Spencer Watson

B-Series Pro Colorizer

Development Project

The B-Series Pro Colorizer was a project for Revolution Kites. The goal of the project was to replace an old Flash based colorizer with one built in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. In the process of creating the new colorizer, I was able to add some of my own new features.

This entire project was created from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP.

The colorizer is a tool for purchasing a custom kite. You can use it to pick a color for every part of the Revolution B-Series Pro or Revolution B-Series Zen.

Some original features that I put into place was auto-fill, reset, and share.

The auto-fill feature duplicates the design done in the first kite across the other models, allowing the user to easily design a matching set.

The reset feature resets all design back to the default values.

The share feature utilizes a unique template-code system to send the user a unique URL. Their URL can be shared or sent to a retailer to have their design put into production.

You can view this project live by clicking here.

This project uses: jQuery , PHP , CSS , HTML , Illustrator , JavaScript , and SVG

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