Spencer Watson

Card Game Tracker

Development Project

I have been playing some card games with my friends more lately. Some games, like Phase 10 or Uno require a piece of paper and pen to keep track of scores and things. So, we were using some apps to do this instead. For nearly every game we played, we had to download a new app. These apps were rarely present on both Android and iOS. Some of the apps had varying features that others did not. In order to better supplement our card game playing, I built a web app.

This app is built with AngularJS and angular ui-router, and compiled using PhoneGapBuild. I wanted the app to save players, then allow for you to keep track of who has won games in the past. The app was built to run on a tablet, like an iPad or Android tablet. The app currently supports Munchkin, Uno, Phase 10, and Cribbage.

This app was on the iPhone App store for about a year, but I did not renew my developer account, so it is no longer available.

You can view the GitHub repository for this project here.

This project uses: CSS , Design , HTML , Illustrator , JavaScript , Mobile , iOS , AngularJs , ui-router , PhoneGap , and PhoneGap Build

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